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Mouse gestures (text taken from our skype chat) :

The user could press a keyboard key (settable) then that would enable mouse gestures.
There would also be a setting in the options pane to enable or disable it.
We can make it so that mouse gestures can only be performed while a key (like control or alt) is being pressed.

related code :
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Hi, I am a big fan of mouse gestures (and rocker gestures) but I must bring to everyone's attention that mouse gestures can be added to ANY app thanks to third-party apps.

I've used gMote for years and I now use StrokePlus. Both are free and perfectly do the job. There are other alternatives too.

Having used Opera brother for 15+ years, Chrome and Firefox with mouse gestures addins a lot, and gMote and Stroke Plus on a daily base for years, my opinion is that EXTERNAL support is preferable to NATIVE support:
  • The only drawback is having to install an extra app to handle them, but it is hardly a drawback since these programs are usually light on resources.
  • Since it is an extra app, you are free to choose the one that suites you best.
  • If you are a fan of mouse gestures, you'll want to have them anywhere, even in programs that don't natively support them. So you'll have an external support anyway. Hence, why bother with native support?
  • Proper mouse gesture implementation is not as trivial as it might seem (for instance, Strokesplus struggled on rocker gestures for quite some time), and specialized programs are more likely to do better than not specialized one.
  • Although keyboard shortcuts are kind of standardized across the Windows ecosystem, this is absolutely not the case for mouse gestures. This has several consequences:
    • If a program comes with native, not customizable, support. Having to remember the gestures for each action will ruin the efficiency mouse gestures may bring.
    • If all of your programs come with native, effective, and customizable mouse gestures, you'll still have to configure every one of your programs. With programs like Strokesplus, you may bind the same set of configuration to several apps (I use the same setup for Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Windows Explorer, and Better Explorer and I only defined the setup once).
The link you provided is very useful, and I know some people really like having mouse gestures in their application. (I have a modified version of Chrome that has mouse gesture support, and it is useful)

I've tested the program you linked and it works wonderfully, although I did have to make some adjustments to get everything to work, but overall, I am impressed with that program's features and we can add it into Better Explorer.

If this can be done for Beta 3 or after that, that is the question. We'll have to see later on, because I have other things to focus on for Beta 3. If Dimitar can get this done for me, that would be wonderful. (I'll have to send him the configuration files I made for this program.) Otherwise, we'll see if we can fit it into Beta 3 or not.
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