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An idea that just came to my mind:
..As the "share" tabis mroe for personal things.. like dropbox, ftp and such...

How about a Social Sharing API and a condidional tab?

For example you select multiple pictures or videos. A conditional tab "Sharing" pops up [icon for the "Social(?) Share tab": maybe tomething like [[Image:|Wikipedia]] and offers you the opportunity to:

-upload a video to youtube/facebook/vimeo (?)/etc

-upload a photo to twitter/instagram(?)/flickr/Tumblr/etc
Questionalble Extra: Upload to One-Click hosters (maybe much work to update/ integrate the different APIs)
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This is what I suggest:

We have all options on the Share tab, but hide or show them depending upon the file selected. (i.e. if you select a video file, an "Upload to You Tube" option could be shown.) The mock-up design made by Sebastien (xanax) will allow for this to happen while staying within the Ribbon guidelines.

The reason why is that it's better to have a single place for all such actions. Having some sharing options on one tab, and another on a different tab isn't exactly the most intuitive. That's the reason for the Charms bar in Windows 8, because that's a single place to search, share, print, and other things, and it's the same across all Windows 8-style apps.

Having the Share tab as the single hub, the single location, for files to be shared and sent to others, will make it easier for the users, because they know, no matter what file they select, if they want to share it, open up the Share tab.

And about the available services, it depends upon the APIs available to us. You Tube and Facebook APIs exist, for example, and we can use those... If you can find a .NET API for a service, we may be able to implement it.
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