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icon_project.png Better Explorer / Open Bug report BE-295 Maximising window in dual screen setup causes few pixels spill onto other monitor
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Maximising window in dual screen setup causes few pixels spill onto other monitor. Doesn;t matter if using the Left or Right monitor, maximising causes few pixels spill onto the other monitor. The edge of the Better Explorer window is selectable in the spilled area of the monitor that should not be in use.

e.g. if start in L-hand monitor and maximise, the L-hand border of Better Explorer window is flush with L-hand edge of L-hand monitor, and R-hand edge of windows is visible for a few pixels at L-hand edge of R-hand monitor. This will overwrite the edge of any window in the R-hand screen when the Better Explorer window is selected. Mirror happens if start Better Explorer in R-hand monitor.

No problem with vertical dimensions, e.g. not overwriting the task bar.

Maximising all other windows (other programs) works correctly.
Steps to reproduce this issue
as above

Dell optiplex 990
W7 64-bit
2 x Video card AMD Radeon HD 6450
2 x VGA monitors 1280 x 1024
Catalyst control centre: HydraVision Desktop Manager DISABLED (makes no difference if enabled)

(also happens if open 32-bit version)
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I have investigated this further. The problem is the way the window maximise works. The main program window has a white background with a blue border. When you maximise, the white background expands to the width of the current monitor. However, the blue border is not removed and appears to be written to the video memory. Any additional monitor to the left or right of the monitor with the maximised Better Explorer window will have the blue border showing.

The problem is that this blue border overwrites whatever is on the additional monitors.

Suggested resolution: Either: the maximise function should include the blue border, not just the white background Or: remove the blue border on maximising

Thank you Ian
nobody from us own dual monitor nor same setup like yours so we cant test this at all.

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I personally don't have two monitors to test this on. If any of my team mates do, I'll ask them about it.
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