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icon_project.png Better Explorer / Open Bug report BE-413 installed Better Explorer but it will not recognize my Sandisk microSC card
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I installed your software and I like it. I have Windows 7. Problem - I attempted to copy to the flash card, but Explorer doesn't recognize it. I then copied the same file to a thumb drive and it copied it with no problem.

What do I do?

Steps to reproduce this issue
plug in Sandisk card
light beside the card goes green
I open explorer or word processor to open the files on the card and explorer can't recognize the card for me to open or save to the card

Better Explorer ver Beta 3 update 2 64 bit ver.

Pl3ease respond
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hi, well your issue is strange and i dont know how to help here since i do not have your hardware so to can test. However i suggest to see is your SD card present in original explorer and can you copy items on it. If it is not present there then its your OS problem. Honestly i think is your windows problem since you said " or word processor to open the files". Well Better Explorer is not used when you open the word processor open file dialog. so it should be your OS or driver problem.
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