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JaykeBird (JaykeBird) has been working on this issue since October 26, 2012 (23:40)
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The View Archive function included in the Archive Tools - Manage Tab does not work, as of Beta 1. It continues to not work in the latest build.

Steps to reproduce this issue
* Select an already-created ZIP archive, or create a new ZIP archive and select it. (Must be ZIP because the feature only supports ZIP archives currently.)
* In the Archive Tools - Manage tab (which should automatically open), select "View Archive".
* An error dialog may appear, but will disappear soon afterwards. The View Archive window will open, but will not display folders. The Ribbon will also start to act weirdly.
Todos (0 / 0)
I have decided to disable the View Archive feature for Beta 2. It will be re-enabled for Beta 3, when we have more time to get it working properly.
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