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Dimitar Tsenev (DimitarCC) has been working on this issue since June 25, 2014 (14:39)
Issue basics
  • Type of issue
    Feature request
  • Category
    User interface
  • Targetted for
    2.5.0 Alpha 2
  • Status
    Being worked on
  • Progress
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    Not determined
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    Not triaged
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    Not triaged
  • Effect
    Not triaged
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Is it possible within 'view' to have a selection for all folder contents. Presently I open a folder and select size of icons, then open another folder and have to select size of icons. Would be nice to select once and every folder contents is the same size. Thanks.
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Thai is currently begin work on.

The issue was updated with the following change(s):
  • The status has been updated, from Confirmed to Being worked on.
  • The assignee has been changed to Dimitar Tsenev.
  • Information about the user working on this issue has been changed, from Not being worked on to Dimitar Tsenev.
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