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icon_project.png Better Explorer / Open Bug report BE-563 [ RC3] French translation errors
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here are some problems / translation
Menu File -> Informations -> Button Report a problem : 404
Menu Home -> Left Pane -> Links -> Right click : item n°2 (Open in separate tab) is not translated to french
Menu Home -> Left Pane -> Links -> Cloud accounts : I see the OneDrive account but not the DropBox one
Menu Home -> New -> New item and EasyAccess not translated. EasyAccess sub menu not translated too.
Menu Home -> Recycle bin : not translated. Item count not translated.
Menu Share -> Map network drive : Translated in french to 'Carte de lecteur réseau' should be replaced by 'Connecter un lecteur réseau'.
Menu Display -> Disposition : the last item 'Thumbstrip'. Don't known how to translate.
Main Window : tab control : Hint on bottom arrow 'Display all the tabs in a menu' is not translated.
Main Window : tab control : Right click on a tab. All context menu is in English.


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