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At the right edge of the status bar, there is an icon that looks like stairs or a triangle. The purpose of it in UI design is to give a moderately big target to grab so the window can be resized easily, without having to hunt for the border pixel corner or edge. For some people, or depending on input device, it is impossible to hit the narrow target on the window bezel to resize the window reliably due to reduced motor control, it's an important accessibility feature.

However, it doesn't have any visible effect this program.

I would have filed it as a feature request if there was no easy resize icon, however its presence indicates that a feature should be present.

Version is RC3 64-bit, executed on Windows 10.

Steps to reproduce this issue

1, Click and drag the resize icon that is located at the very right bottom corner of the window.

Expected result: while the mouse is held down, the window is resized according to mouse movement.

Actual result: no change.

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