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icon_project.png Better Explorer / Open Bug report BE-566 Crashes connected to image viewing and/or preview pane... (probably)
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My OS: Win 7 Ultimate x64
Product Installed: Today

Installation went smoothly. Defaults were generally accepted, including the the quick-start icon on the task bar and start menu. I made only minor tweaks in the options (**NOTE: I preferred the black skin, but could not use it because you did not change your menu text colour to a contrast colour like white or grey. Please fix or allow user to set it! :) **)

The first time something went wrong, I was using a preview pane and it was functioning fine - no issues. And then something happened and I do not know what... but the preview pane froze on a text document within a folder that I was not viewing. I tried changing drives and folders, but the same text document remained showing on the preview pane. No matter what I clicked, preview pane was stuck. While I was still able to click here and there, within minutes the whole program just closed - no freezing, no warning. It just disappeared. It was not on my task bar, It was not in my start menu. It was not on my desktop. Even the Gainedge folder accessed through my windows start button simply said 'empty'. Unfortunately, I am not certain exactly at what point that preview froze or what I tried to click on before BetterExplorer simply so 'I don't think so' and stopped working. Although I was not working with image files, the folders I was working on did have a couple of images that I may have selected to move into another folder. Possible, but I am not certain.

Steps to reproduce this issue

So as the program seemed to disappear, I decided to reinstall and clicked on the downloaded .exe. It actually gave me the option to 'repair' indicating that the program still existed, so that is what I chose. While it did have a couple of hiccups, at the end, it did say it was successful. But the program did not launch upon completion. And unfortunately, there was still no desktop/taskbar/start-menu icons, and the folder from the start menu still said empty. So I had to go through Program Files to actually launch it. (Clicking on the existing Windows Explorer opened up the original Explorer even though I had chosen Better Explorer as the default. Obviously it did not take.)

I started using the program again, and everything seemed to be going smoothly. And then I happened to click on an image file again (a small png). It flickered in the main window so I did not actually see it clearly, but it did appear in the preview pane when I adjusted the view.
And that brings me to the steps shown in the attachment. I tried to adjust the image, and the thumbnails became affected instead (image 1), warping the detail pane. When I reset the view, an error message came on (image 2). When I tried to widen the error message to see the cutoff details, the other error message came on (Image 3). FYI, I was able to copy the details of the third and final error message if you need it.

So it seems to me that the culprit is either your view pane, your image-viewing and/or previewing feature, or some combination of the two. Note that even without the preview pane, I cannot properly preview the image. It kind of flickers, but that is it. It does not last long enough to make out any details. And this was simply a tiny .png file. I have no idea what it would do with my .ai or .psd images. But combine that with the weird 'autosaving' of rotated images.... I tend to think that the primary error has something to do with how BetterExplorer parses image files.

As a point of interest, I have two primary image viewers I use. One is Nexusimage - which has such a tiny footprint it is unlikely that it can interfere with anything. The other is XNViewMP. While neither program was active while I was working with BetterExplorer, it is possible the XNView may integrate with Explorer. I am not certain of this. But I do know that since I downloaded XNViewMP several months ago, my original Explorer allowed me to preview ESP and AI files. I was not able to do that previously. So I'm not sure if there could be a conflict there as well.

So I'm at somewhat of a loss as to what to do. I will not uninstall BetterExplorer yet, as I have high hopes that this may be some weird glitch that can be resolved easily. But I certainly cannot use it as I fear that I will damage my existing files if the program crashes again during my reorganization.

Please let me know if you require any further details.
By the way, my system is less than a year old and has a solid Motherboard & Video card despite my refusal to upgrade to Win 10. :)
There is also plenty of RAM and storage. So it is unlikely that hardware is the issue. But if you wish, I can send you a Speccy or HWiNFO report.

Great product, great ideas. I hope we can take care of this. Thanks!
Don't forget to fix the Black skin text details. It looks really cool otherwise, but it is kind of important to see the menu items. :D

EDIT: Ugh. I don't see a way to upload the image of the errors. Here is the location:

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icon_reply.pngMay 31, 2018, in reply to comment #1

FYI for anyone reading:

I had some problem logging back on, so issue is being addressed via email. If a solution is found, it will be posted.

I just did not want anyone to think that issues posted on this forum were not being addressed. :D

Not sure if my issue will be solved, but it certainly is being given attention. Great support.

That is quite interesting.... Regarding the "flipped" images it is per design when you flip or do anything with images it creates copies and not ovewrite.

About the other problems.... First i'd like to ask you what version of Better Explorer you used? RC3 or RC4? I am asking because one possible reason for dissapearing is updater to fail for some reason. And installer generally could have some problems with repairing. I strongly recommend to uninstall and reinstall Better explorer so to be sure everything is in proper order.

Generally from some time Better explorer is not developed anymore for Windows 7 since its support from Microsoft officially ended. So it could be issues. However on interest from your side i can send you latest binaries that are not yet officially for download so you to can test out.

Please let me know. Thanks.
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