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The Resize Image tool has been added to BetterExplorer, and it works how it should, but there have been suggestions.

First of all, there was a request to make the image size text boxes in the Ribbon editable, so that you could resize the image quickly. This is possible, but the thing is that it would be hard to make a good interface for this that isn't confusing and also meets the other requirements needed for the feature.

Secondly, a "Keep Aspect Ratio" checkbox has been selected. This can be done, and will be added for Beta 3.

Third, a suggestion was made to change the Resize button into a split button, the menu offering quick options such as 50%, 100%, 75%, and so on... This is possible but I also suggest adding the option of setting it to match a certain width or height, keeping the aspect ratio. This will not be a fixed list, but instead a gallery where users can add or remove options they want or do not want.

Finally, a suggestion was made to replace the original image rather than make a new one. This '''will not''' be done. Sure, a photographer might no longer need a certain size (although the original is always good to have as a backup), the way this feature is implemented, a file's properties are overwritten when it is resized, and this is not what anyone wants. From a graphic designer's perspective, the original is always best being kept, in case any editing needs to be done later, or to just keep multiple size options available. Finally, it's not too hard to delete the original after the resize. For multiple reasons, this is just not a recommended option.
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The live preview option will be good to have.

Having it converted after resizing is definitely possible because the code for converting and resizing actually goes through the same process (load image into memory, modify image (if being resized), save image to new file). I will think about it.

About cropping, that will be it's own window if I decide to add it.
I have to make a suggestion as well:

-Save the image in a different format; convert images.

-Live preview in a different window.

-Crop image ---different / new window

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